Workshop 5

Landfall 214: Open House

Week 6:

Workshop 5

Group 3: Peer Reviews.
Group 3: stories returned, with corrections and provisional grades.
Distribute Group 4 stories.

Discussion of requirements for Fiction Portfolios.

Remember, as you work on your portfolios, that only the two completed exercises have to follow the instructions exactly. (Please remember to specify which exercises it was you did). Your class story and your new story do not have to be based on exercises, though they can be if you wish.

Fiction Exercise 5: Unreliable Narrators

Bronwyn Lloyd's "Sink or Swim" is an apparently reliable, first-person account of an extraordinary set of circumstances to do with a mysterious twin. It juxtaposes the experiences of two people on the same day.
  • Choose one strange thing which actually happened to you; another strange thing which you've been told about by somebody else: a friend or a relative; and then a completely fictional event.
  • Write a brief account of each event. Tell one in the first person ("I did so-and-so …", another in the second ("you walk down the narrow corridor …", and the last in the third ("she looked out the window: there it was …").
  • We'll try to guess which is true, which hearsay, and which a complete lie when you read them out to us.
(maximum: one page – minimum: one paragraph)

Next week:

  • Group 4: Peer Reviews

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