Workshop 3


Week 4:

Workshop 3

Group 1: Peer Reviews.
Group 1: stories returned, with corrections and provisional grades.
Distribute Group 2 stories.

Fiction Exercise 3: God's Spies
(Shakespeare: King Lear)

This exercise will require some advance preparation on your part. I’d like you to try and listen in on a conversation, and then write down what the people involved are saying. This could be done in the bus, in a café, or even in your own home or flat.

Try to be discreet. People don’t like to be spied on, as a rule, so you may have to try and memorise the dialogue rather than noting it down then and there.

Don’t wait too long, though – the freshness of your memories will dissipate very quickly.
  • Bring along your written-out version of the conversation to class.
  • You may need to include some indications of where the conversation took place, but make them as brief as possible (as Hemingway does in “Hills Like White Elephants”).
  • Try instead to convey as much information as possible through the dialogue itself.
(maximum: one page – minimum: one paragraph)

Next week:

  • Group 3: Workshop Story Due. Bring enough copies for the entire class

  • Group 2: Peer Reviews

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