Workshop 2

Frank Sargeson

Week 3:

Workshop 2

Distribute Group 1 stories

Fiction Exercise 2: There are places I remember
(The Beatles)

There are some stories – Janet Frame’s ‘The Bedjacket,’ for instance – which could only take place in their present settings.
  • Think of a place you know very well. It can be in the country or the town: a street, a field, a forest, a house – anywhere you like, really.
  • Think of a person you know very well: a relative or close friend (NB: They needn’t have any connection with the place you’ve just thought of).
  • Now, imagine that you’re taking a walk through the place you know so well with the person you know so well.
  • Imagine that person is telling you about the place – write down what he or she says, including your own responses.

(maximum: one page – minimum: one paragraph)

Next week:

  • Group 2: Workshop Story Due. Bring enough copies for the entire class

  • Group 1: Peer Reviews

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