Workshop 11

Holly Crawford:
13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird

Week 12:

Workshop 11

Group 4: Peer Reviews.
Group 4: poems returned, with corrections and provisional grades.

Share examples of any poetry exercises you couldn’t find time for in previous Workshops.

Remember, as you work on your poetry portfolios, that only the two completed exercises have to follow the instructions exactly. (Please remember to specify which exercises it was you did).

Your class poem and your new poem do not have to be based on exercises, though they can be if you wish.

The Craft essay you write should either be about one of these two poems, or about one of your two short stories, not about any of the exercises you handed in in either your Fiction or your Poetry Portfolio. You'll be marked half on your comments on the piece from the Book of Readings that inspired / provoked / parallels your own piece, and half on the comments on your own process of composition.

Next week:

  • All Groups: Poetry Portfolios & Craft Essays Due on Friday of the first week of study break.
Hand them in with assignment cover sheet on Stream, or (if you’ve included graphic elements) as a hardcopy into the assignment box on Atrium Level 2.

Please be very careful to carry out all of the assignment specifications, outlined in more detail here.

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