Workshop 11

Holly Crawford:
13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird

Week 12:

Workshop 11

Group 4: Peer Reviews.
Group 4: poems returned, with corrections and provisional grades.

Share examples of any poetry exercises you couldn’t find time for in previous Workshops.

Remember, as you work on your poetry portfolios, that only the completed exercise has to follow the instructions exactly. (Please remember to specify which exercise it was you did).

Your revised class poem does not have to be based on an exercise, though it can be if you wish.

The Peer Review you write should contain a short critique of the Workshop Poem, written by a classmate, assigned to you as part of the peer-editing process. Make sure that you have attached the poem in question along with your essay, so it can be readily consulted by your marker.

NB: You will need to refer to at least three poems from the Course Book of Readings to help illustrate the points you make in your critique.

Next week:

  • All Groups: Poetry Portfolios / Peer Reviews Due on Friday of the first week of study break.
Hand them in with assignment cover sheet on the course streamsite.

Please be very careful to carry out all of the assignment specifications, outlined in more detail here.

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