Workshop 6

Pieter Breughel: The Fall of Icarus (1558)

Week 7:

Workshop 6

Group 4: Peer Reviews
Group 4: stories returned, with corrections and provisional grades.

Poetry Exercise 1: 13 Ways of looking
(Wallace Stevens)

Bring a picture with you to class – perhaps a photograph out of a magazine, or any image which intrigues you in some way.

Using W. H. Auden's "Musée des Beaux-Arts" as a model, you’re going to write a poem describing it.
  • Look at the picture carefully. List the things you see in it.
  • How do you react to those things? Write down some of those reactions.
  • Try grouping them together. Are there common factors?
  • When you start to write, describe the picture, then your associations with it – what it means to you.
  • Remember, your poem must convey the essence of the picture even to a reader who can’t see it.

(minimum 14 lines)

Next week:

  • Group 1: Workshop Poems Due. Bring sufficient copies for the entire class

  • All Groups: Fiction Portfolios / Peer Reviews Due Friday, 30/4/21.
Hand them in on stream with assignment cover sheet.

Please be very careful to carry out all of the assignment specifications, outlined in more detail here.

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