Workshop 6

[Frank O'Hara]

Week 7:

Workshop 6

Group 4: Peer Reviews
Group 4: stories returned, with corrections and provisional grades.

Discussion of requirements for Fiction Portfolios.

Poetry Exercise 1: "I do this, I do that"
(Frank O'Hara)

Read Frank O'Hara's poem "The Day Lady Died" from Lunch Poems (1964). Now:
  • Write down a list of things you’ve done today, in the present tense, as a series of brief sentences without commentary: “I get up at 6 am / I eat breakfast / I drive to university / I get drenched by the rain / I text my friend’).
  • Keep going till you have fourteen (or more) such statements.
  • Write a set of brief, factual descriptions of the things of the day so far: “The sky is dark / the rain is cold / my friend is frowning.”
  • Keep going till you have fourteen (or more).
  • Match first to last: “I get up at 6 am my friend is frowning / I eat breakfast the rain is cold.”
  • Play with the results some more – cutting and pruning – until you begin to feel that you’re conveying something of the individuality of your particular day.

Cilla McQueen’s poem “Timepiece” is another place you might go to for inspiration when writing this type of immediate, "I do this, I do that" poem (to quote O'Hara's own description of his work).

Next week:

  • Group 1: Workshop Poems Due. Bring sufficient copies for the entire class

  • All Groups: Fiction Portfolios Due Friday, 5/5/17.
Hand them in on stream with assignment cover sheet (or into the assignment box on Atrium Level 2).

Please be very careful to carry out all of the assignment specifications, outlined in more detail here.

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