Workshop 1

[Martinez Roca: Beyond Lies the Wub (1989)]

Week 2:

Workshop 1

Each workshop stream will be divided into four writing groups by their tutor.

Class Exercise: Rewriting a Fable

Leonora Carrington’s “The Debutante” and Philip K. Dick’s “ Beyond Lies the Wub” both use the device of talking animals to point out uncomfortable truths about our own civilization.

These kinds of stories, where animals stand in for human beings, are usually called “fables”. Vivienne Plumb has also rewritten a number of these for her own purposes.
  • You’ll be divided into small groups of three or four.
  • Each group will be given a copy of one of Aesop’s Fables.
  • You’ll be asked to revise and update the story, perhaps changing the descriptions of the animals to something more believable.
  • Your story should still have the same moral as the original, but it may not mean quite the same thing once it’s been changed around in this way.
(maximum: one page – minimum: one paragraph)

We’ll try and listen to as many as possible of the modernised fables you’ve come up with before the end of the session.

Next week:

  • Group 1: Workshop Stories Due. Bring enough copies for the whole class

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